Why does Viagra work? And, tell me precisely how an erection is going to happen in my life?
Well, Viagra makes your nervous system direct a flow of blood to your penis, and as a result, this blood stays there for the duration. With this assistance, your erection is hard and stays hard. Rest assured the sexual encounter is going to be great and you will not have to be over-conscious about the fact that you cannot please women.
Canadian pharmacy Viagra is a great drug and it will aid you in getting a boner, but you should not mix it with beer, vodka, or wine. Even a small shot can bring you awful side-effects. It will be better for you not to eat with Viagra, either; this advice, however, does not go for small salads and fruits.

Can I take two pills of Viagra at one time when I want to have sex and get an erection that will stay for about 3 consecutive hours?
Actually, it is better to take only one pill of Viagra in 36 hours because there is a chance that you will not manage to get an erection at all or your erection will stay for too long. As we can assume, you do not want to have any kind of heart conditions. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful when taking this medication for getting aroused in the bedroom. Try to stay away from other drugs and make sure that you do not combine any kind of pain relievers and ulcer medications with Viagra because this way you can experience light-headedness and nausea. Be extremely careful and never eat very fatty food with Viagra. When you are following all of the instructions mentioned on the pillbox and you are careful while following all the advice that your doctor told you then you will be healthy and safe for sure from various side-effects.

What if I drank alcohol already, but I am planning to take Viagra in a couple of hours. Do you think I am going to experience any kind of side-effects?
Actually, when you have drunk alcohol already you cannot take Viagra. It will be better to take these pills another day when you are completely sober. When you are taking Viagra with various kind of other drugs, especially when you are drinking and smoking, your erection will stay for too long or on the contrary, it will not happen at all. Never experiment on your own and make sure that all of the drugs that you take were prescribed to you by your doctor previously.

I had the stomach flu a couple of days before, can I still take Viagra and be sure that erection is going to happen?
It is best to avoid taking Viagra for a while after experiencing the flu. After a few days, you will be able to take Viagra. If you had the stomach flu and then you still can get an erection and all of the symptoms are already gone, then proceed with caution. But to be totally sure, it is best to go and tell your doctor what you experienced and how long the pain lasted. Remember that an erection usually happens when blood flows to your penis. Therefore, when your body is exhausted from the stomach flu, your blood circulation will not work in a normal manner and you will see that an erection is not happening at all. Be sure to get a monthly check-up every time you are regularly taking Viagra in order to make sure that this drug is not harming you at all.

I do not know whether or not I can take Viagra 20 mg or 50 mg. Can you tell me precisely what amount of Viagra is more suitable for me?
To be honest only a doctor who knows your health conditions and is aware of your heart and medical history will be able to say whether or not this particular amount of Viagra will harm you or not. Be extremely careful and never let this drug ruin your life or give you any headaches.