A couple of times I was not able to arouse so I looked for help!
The very first time when it has happened and I did not manage to get a proper erection I have decided that it is a great chance for me to get a professional help. I went to my doctor and told him all my symptoms. When a time went by I have decided to take Viagra is order to be good in the bedroom. Then it has been a couple of hours before erection occurred and therefore my erection was extremely stable and straight. It only went away after sexual intercourse was over. Thank you so much for helping me!

Viagra is a great answer to impotency issues in your life!
When I heard that impotency strikes men over 50 years of age then I did not believe at all that this is going to strike me also. Well, when I turned 48 I was not able to have a great sex and my libido was actually damaged for sure. In quite some time I have seen that Viagra helped other men and therefore I was able to please my girl without trying too hard. Then erection usually disappeared but thanks to Viagra this problem did not repeat at all and I was happy to see that my erection is enabled me to have great sex for as long as we want to.

I was fat and therefore I had ED problems time after time!
I knew that it is time for me to go on the diet but actually it was not possible for me to start eating less. Well, I knew precisely that obesity has to be taken care of therefore I went to the physicist in order for him to help me. He told me that I need to eat less and therefore I made my portions smaller in order to avoid various kinds of overeating issues. As soon as I have managed to exercise regularly and lift weight turned out that that I lost about 28 pounds and I was looking younger. With erection problem, I really got aid from Canadian pharmacy Viagra. This drug gave me arousal power and I was so happy with an erection that did not disappear as fast as it used to.

I did not want to talk to her about ED problems I was too ashamed!
Those men who have ED are going to understand how tender this issue about erection problems is, therefore you can realize that it was impossible for me to tell my partner and I did not know how she is going to take it. As a result, I told her that it is a certain medical condition and it is not my fault at all. Well, she took it quite well at first but then it turned out that she was not able to stay with an impotent and she left me. Then I have found a new girl and I have taken Viagra before we had sex. As a result, I performed remarkably and ejaculation was not happening too soon. I am obliged to you for this!

Depression caused me an erection, unfortunately, it was a true disaster!
I have been depressed for over 7 months in a row. My girl left me and a result I knew that I am not capable of getting an erection and having a proper sexual intercourse at all. I was going to find a new job and started a new life. As far as my new girl was concerned I was not going to disappoint her with mad sex-drive that is why I have taken Viagra to my system. It worked remarkably and therefore I have managed to get an arousal very quickly! I did not take alcohol and did not eat with Viagra!

I said goodbye to ED this instant!
I was not able to get it up after my heart attack. It was about two years but ED was still an issue in my private life. As it turned ought I did not need any kind of treatment for my heart, therefore, I went to the physician and asked him whether or not I can take Viagra. He said that the best dosage for me is 25 mg, therefore I did as he told me to. Then I was going to have sex and I took Viagra 3 hours before, erection was great and I did not worry about ejaculating too earlier. All thanks to Viagra, it saved my sex life!